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"Psychedelia definitely figures into their sound, as does the sort of lo-fi indie rock made popular by bands ranging from Guided by Voices to Yo La Tengo. Power pop even figures into the mix, as diverse arrangements and themes abound on this album. Put the needle anywhere, and you’ll be drawn into an intoxicating melodic drift that sweeps you along with it."

"Combines 90s lo-fi indie rock with elements of psych pop. Jangly, ethereal guitars sway back and forth between deep powerful piano and a breezy, coastal vocal melody."

"A robust collection of instrumentals emanating warmth brings us into the track, shortly followed by Lehner’s ethereal voice."

"his ardent voice that coats each of the tracks on this textured, guitar-centric a shimmery, chord-heavy number...explodes into a flurry of guitar that sounds not unlike early Broken Social Scene."

"Circulated Undercover Ground is one-third psychedelic head trip, one-third soul-searching expedition, one-third modern day fairy story and one-third commentary on the modern world."

"Collectives is a really beautiful alternative folk album that showcases Lehner's competent vocal abilities. It's not easy to make electro-acoustic albums flow well, but Collectives' blend of acoustic guitar and tasteful effects and distortion is done in a touching and smooth fashion."

"sounds like something you’d enjoy on a long drive"

"Transport Paradise takes the listener on a gratifying sonic adventure which basks in its own experimental glory."

"Laid back surfy vibes combined with density and spunky warm pop makes this effort all that more impressive."

"Their wave-washed melodies shake, pan, and wobble gently around an anchored groove, like low-tide ripples against a buoy. Compliments to the sun-bathing seals for the added stability."

"Mixing a vocal style reminiscent of Jeff Tweedy with a dream-pop sound, Known To Collapse has hit on something dryly beautiful here."

"Mixing the moodiness of grunge elements, the surf beach sounds of California and the distortions found in shoegaze the band was not afraid to make an album that feels like a nod to the past while also feeling very fresh and new. The wall of sound that is created within the songs is atmospheric, lush; sometimes the sound feels bigger than the room you will be in whilst listening to it. Transport Paradise has this quiet brilliance about it, without being pretentious and alienating.

"  フォーク、チャンバー・テイストなサウンドに、柔らかいメロディとヴォーカルで構成した曲です。"

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