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Known to Collapse is the alias for Kevin Thomas Lehner, or Kevin Thomas, for short and a collective of musicians. Originally from Alabama, Kevin has taken his music in many different directions and locations over the years. The sweltering rhythms of Birmingham and the industrial bustle of Washington D.C. served as the backdrop for Kevin’s musical upbringing. Accordingly, Known to Collapse songs come to life on long drives with only the scenery to keep you company.


While attending Northeastern University, Kevin joined WRBB 104.9 F.M. and began to DJ a weekly radio show. His musical tastes were shaped by the freezing, late nights poring over records in the basement. Kevin then moved back to his hometown of Birmingham and started hosting a show at WBHM 90.3 F.M. From there, he interviewed local and well-known artists such Sam Frazier Jr., Dave Konopka (Battles) and Jeff Tweedy (Wilco). Connecting with some of his most admired artists inspired him to start including their wild styles in the work of Known to Collapse.


In 2012 Kevin released his band’s first EP “Known to Collapse - Collectives”. He toured the U.S., Canada and U.K. in support of the record, eventually landing in the Bay Area. He then recorded with notable producer Jeremy Black (Apollo Sunshine), which refined and focused the heavy and atmospheric sound of Known to Collapse. Inspired by the difficulty of being an artist in the Bay Area, Kevin decided to crowd-fund the next album. He exceeded his goal of $10K with the help of a growing fan base.


Kevin knew that to take his sound to the next level, he would have to learn audio engineering himself. Using these skills, he now hustles around the Bay Area doing live sound for artists of all genres. This experience has given him the understanding of how to craft an artist’s sound well and use that sense of craftsmanship towards his own music. Known to Collapse uses this sense of sonic definition to craft songs that put you in the driver’s seat. Their new album "4 Ways 4 Sounds" is out now.

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